Jeremy Clarkson

I suppose it is unoriginal to comment on the Clarkson ‘Affair’, but being back on the writing horse so to speak, I really can’t stop myself.

I happened to be watching BBC1’s One Show last night and so witnessed the interview without preconception or bias. Well some bias in that I do admire Clarkson in many ways. Among other things I admire his ability to not give a fig about what others think about him. However, there are many times when I think Clarkson goes too far, is something of a pillock, or even might deserve a good slap!

These sentiments do not mean that I think he should change how he is or apologise. I just switch off when I consider him to have gone too far.

Humour often requires exaggeration and success requires an opinion. Whether right or wrong, it is better to have an opinion than not.

Clarkson is a success because a very large number of people are amused by his constant sliding along the razor blade of acceptability.

He was on the One Show to promote his book. He was, in a sense, egged on to be outrageous. Matt Baker and his companion squirmed. It made great television and prompted the biggest national sense of humour failure I can ever recall.


Author: janmccourt

Farmer, owner of Northfield Farm known for his & its pioneering role as a champion of local food, rare breeds, Borough & Broadway Markets.

One thought on “Jeremy Clarkson”

  1. I am a big fan of most things auto/auto sport and as such I am a fan of Top Gear, which is the realm in which I know Jeremy Clarkson. Generally speaking I can take his humour about cars, how well or poorly they are made and what one gets in return for parting with a fat wad of pound sterling. That said he is good for putting his foot in his mouth from time to time and should not be surprised if people push back. If he opts for outrageous potentially bothersome humour, he should expect some push back when he crosses the line. Honestly I feel it is good for him to feel the pressure of a response or outrage from time to time, because a person in his position is always but one barb away from a catastrophic/career ending outburst. It is a reminder to him that there is a line that can be crossed. Better he be reminded of that now rather than at a point where he is beyond redemption. I haven’t really followed his latest comments that closely as they appeared to me to be tabloid in nature.

    Beyond all that, it is a tough time for a lot of people the world over right now financially. Some of the people he “insulted” are people he wants to buy his book and his Top Gear merchandise. I think for his own sake he should consider the balance he needs to strike.


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