Northfield Farm Classic Cars

Yesterday (Sunday 11th July) was our 2nd car meet. With so much going on, from Grand Prix to World Cup, There were fewer cars than last time. The cars were amazing though, from the Morris Minor which arrived first through to the immaculate TR7 which arrived just as a stunning TR6 was leaving. During the day we had, among others, Daimlers, Jags, Astons, TRs, Land Rover, AC Cobra, Mercs, & some others I am bound to have missed out.

We were again blessed withthe weather & the people.

We had more bikes than last time which meant we had a really great display in the yard for a few hours. One bike which caused a stir was a ‘Rorton’. A home made version of the famous bike of similar name. Its owner & maker sits astride a 3,500cc Range Rover engine.

We are not trying to compete with the amazing Ashby Follville event which I recommend to anyone (2nd Tues of the month) I want to have a monthly event which brings together a group of people with at least one common interest. What we have found so far is that where there is one common interest there are often many more.

The Farm Walk & British Lop piglets drew big crowds, as did our recently expanded Pygmy Goat family.

Each event is held to raise money for our local Air Ambulance the DLRAA. I am waiting for the total from yesterday, but we raised nearly £300 on the first one.

We are desperate for rain here as elswhere. I was so tired at the end of yesterday that I left my Series 1 out in the field overnight, & of course, …. it rained.

Our next car & bike meet is on Friday 6th August. Come anytime. Official start is from 15-00hrs


Author: janmccourt

Farmer, owner of Northfield Farm known for his & its pioneering role as a champion of local food, rare breeds, Borough & Broadway Markets.

2 thoughts on “Northfield Farm Classic Cars”

  1. Jan, I saw some pictures from the event in a facebook album. There were some very nice cars on display. Judging from the photos it seems a fun time was had by all. Nice one!

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