Spring Update


Spring Update

Writing as Spring finally seems to have sprung. Bright, Crisp, Sharp morning. Really another world apart, after this tough winter. I do wonder whether any of us will use the next few months of gentler seasons to prepare for more regular blizzards and hard frosts. Insulation, snow chains, skid pan lessons and salt all spring to mind.

We are still working on finalising our show and event schedule. The best news so far is that after a year when we were not allowed to bring our trailer to the Game Fair in 2009, the CLA has kindly invited us back with it this year. The CLA Game Fair is one of Northfield’s most important events of the year and is a truly wonderful event worth going to, irrespective of where your interests lie.

We are finalising a date for a first Vintage Motor vehicle rally here at Northfield. It is likely to be one of the last two Sundays in May. I will of course include it in my next musing, but want people to know now. All will be welcome, whether or not they are driving something rare & unusual. There will be food & drink available. As usual , we will be using the occasion to raise funds for our local Air Ambulance, the DLRAA.

While on the subject of Air Ambulances, my little book is progressing well. I have been away for a couple of days to learn more about book and text design. I have also been on two of four days of a Website Search Engine Optimisation course. Not being much of a techie, my brain has come very close to boiling point on both days, but I have found it fascinating. The real challenge will be to implement all the clever things I am learning.

Business is beginning to pick up in our humble Tea Room despite the lingering cold. I have not been able to insulate the roof yet, but on better days it is really well worth a visit. There is nothing quite like a bacon sandwich made from home cured AND home produced Rare Breed Pork.

All being well, our Farm Walk will open again at Easter. There will be no charge for going round this year, though obviously we hope visitors will do some shopping while they are here. As regular visitors will already know, Northfield is the opposite of a corporate visitor experience. We are a small working farm. We want to help educate people, young and not so young about how their food is raised and where it comes from. We also have a short but enchanting walk through the woods along the stream. Feedback from customers reflects that we are a great place to bring very young children, especially those between the ages of Three and Five.

We have Llamas, Sheep, Cattle, Goats and a large number of Rare Breed Pigs on the farm, as well as the small covered area housing our Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. Of course there is also Jimmy the Donkey who will shout at you when you arrive and probably do the same when you leave. He just likes to hang around chatting to visitors. Billy the Shetland Pony is a little less friendly, but it is amazing how well he responds to the offer of a bag or so of food which are available from the Farm Shop.

We all look forward to welcoming our visitors.

Jan McCourt




Author: janmccourt

Farmer, owner of Northfield Farm known for his & its pioneering role as a champion of local food, rare breeds, Borough & Broadway Markets.

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